We help entrepreneurs create successful businesses by developing for them an easy to implement business model and framework that deliver consistent result. Your business success depends on how well you execute and not what you know. 

SalesBooster is founded by Vince in 2017. Graduated with an MBA from University of Leicester in 2004, he has been consistently able to deliver business results for various organizations. He had held senior executive roles in multiple start ups and distinguished himself as a multi-disciplined businessman.

Working with him is straightforward. No fluff. Just getting down to deliver results. He believes in upholding the highest integrity in business and will not work with business owners who are not genuine.



I am a family man with 2 kids living in Singapore, an island city state ??.


I am always challenging myself so as to fulfill my full potential in life.


I love using technology to address the needs of customers.


Started off as an engineer then evolved to a sales professional.


Closing multi-million dollar sales in competitive markets.


Graduated with Bachelor in IT & MBA. I am also a PMP & ITIL Expert.
Sales Booster Founder


Over the past 20 years, Vince had worked with many great people who were instrumental in shapinghis professional and personal life. Here are some of their endorsements.
I had worked closely with Vince for a year. He's very driven and committed to his work, and brings with him a creative energy and openness to new ideas. While he came from a corporate background, he appreciates the challenges of working in a fast-paced startup environment. It's great to have him and we still keep in touch.


Vince is a talented individual with strong knowledge in areas covering IT, payment solutions and business development.


Vince is the person who is very directional with huge relationship in asian country's governments, banks, and royal families. His skill to read stakeholders and to create the link to the target people are incredible. Very positive mind set and his contribution for Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia were impressed.


Vince is a objective oriented person and his achievement was well recognized by the management within a short period of time. He was selected to be one of a few Talent to be groomed in Global Blue. He was then switched from IT function to Business Development Function. During his time in Business Development, he displayed his business acumen and his capabilities in managing partners and closing deals.


It was my privilege working smoothly under a visionary leader in Vince. He has a strong business acumen, has a sharp eye for spotting opportunities where most see limitations, and most importantly genuinely cares for the well being of his team members. Vince also a deep wealth of business development and management experience that I have gleaned much from his mentoring. I will not hesitate to recommend Vince as an A-star boss to work for.
Sales Booster Testimonial


Vince made the transition from an IT role to a Business role when he came into my team. With the major change in his career in front of him, he embraced the challenge and succeeded. He is very thorough in everything he does, prepares himself well to accomplish his tasks and is very well structured in all he does.

Having worked with Vince for +2 years and looking at his development, I could not see him going back to a pure IT role in the future, but now he has a balanced mixture of IT experience and Business knowledge, which is a very valuable combination.
Sales Booster Testimonial