February 25, 2020

19 Tactics To Help You Build Business Momentum

You may be aware of Isaac Newton's Law of Inertia: An item in motion tends to remain in motion. An object at rest tends to remain at rest. This also applies to every one of us, especially on building business momentum.

Try these 19 tactics to move towards more success by taking benefit of this law of nature.

  1. Take the initial step. The kickoff of any job can be the most challenging phase. Offer yourself credit for taking the initiative. You're on your way to fulfilling your wishes. Even if you make a mistake, you can learn from it.
  2. Begin early. Utilize your morning hours sensibly. Acquire at least one achievement prior to breakfast. When interruptions are fewer, you might sort through your e-mails or do a load of laundry in record time.
  3. Start strong with a good pipeline. If a potential opportunity does not work out, you will have other leads to follow up on.
  4. Breakdown a big task into manageable sub-tasks. Then outsource and delegate all these sub-tasks to other people.
  5. Aim for simple wins. Achieve small and quick wins will motivate you to keep striving for more.
  6. Avoid delays due to uncertainty by gather facts in advance. This can be done by talking to subject matter experts and consuming online resources.
  7. Recognize barriers and have a contingency plan. If there is a pandemic outbreak, you are prepared to have your business operating remotely.
  8. Clarify your objectives. It's easier to advance when you understand where you're heading. You have to know precisely what you want to achieve.
  9. Develop a project plan and stick to it. You have got to stay on track in all the committed deliverables.
  10. Hold yourself accountable by completing the tasks that you have committed to your customers or even, to yourself.
  11. Build on earlier victories. Get back on the phone immediately after closing one sales call.
  12. Share the success with your colleagues and friends. Momentum is infectious!
  13. Choose projects or tasks that you are passionate in. You will be more motivated to push through when the going gets tough.
  14. Tackle the tough issues immediately. Get all the challenging tasks out of the way fast. This will help you stop procrastinating.
  15. Build up the momentum by having your workspace and thoughts organized. Declutter and remove anything out of sight and mind if they are not applicable to what you are doing.
  16. Give yourself time to rest and relax. Recharge yourself so that you can do more. Not only that, you will make fewer mistakes.
  17. Stay fit to be productive. Exercise regularly and eat healthily.
  18. Evaluate your results and determine the areas where you can improve on.
  19. Reward yourself for a good job done.

Having a sustainable and consistent momentum is crucial in building your business.

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